Roof Repair

To repair a roof or not, that is the question. Actually, the question is based on whether the cost is worth doing it now, or waiting a while. In which case, it is more like a gamble. And a wager that each home owner makes virtually every day. Yet, when an obvious problem comes up, such as water trickling overhead, into your living space, the decision is easy: fix the leak!

Why repair a roof? In many instances, this question answers itself. Because it needs fixing. Again, the leaky roof (the most common problem) comes to mind, and you don’t need anyone to tell you that needs repair. So, the real question is, why repair a roof that apparently has no problems?  Trying to determine the condition of a roof while standing on the ground or inside the home is dubious. It takes inspection both on the roof and on the underside of the roof. Maybe even in walls and other parts of the home.

It takes experience to know what to look for. Riedel Exteriors will provide you with a routine inspection.

Common Roof Repairs

Moderate Repairs

Fixing and/or sealing fixtures on a roof and replacing shingles and flashing around these objects.

Asphalt Shingles

Replace individual pieces.

Metal Roofs

Repair improper installation, fix loose seams or address any damaged fasteners.

Wood Shakes or Cedar Shingles

Generally dealing with moss build up or insects and other critters doing damage to the wood shingles.

Chimneys, Vents, and Skylights

Repairs may include shingles around the fixture that need to be removed for repair, sealing and fix flashing. After this, shingles are replaced.

Damage to flashing in valleys

Removing shingles around it, fixing the flashing or (more likely) replacing it, and then replacing the shingles, and sealing everything.

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